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The college student secretly dating her dark and mysterious university professor.

Some call me intelligent.
Others call me possessive.
I’ve come back to my hometown Crystal River to escape my past - to take up a teaching position at the local university.
I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t pursue another woman. Not here. Not now.
Any partner of mine will only be hurt by what I am and what I’ve done.
Yet there is this student in my class who has caught my eye.
Olivia Weldon.
A woman I have been dreaming about.
A woman I am not allowed to have.
A woman I want.
And I am a man who always gets what he wants...

Crystal River University is meant to be a brand new start for me.
This small town college is absolutely perfect for an introverted, academic geek who loves to read.
I’m here to simply put my head down and study my socks off like a good little bookworm.
No fun. No parties. And, especially, no boys.
I mean, no boy has ever even been interested in socially awkward me. I am still a virgin, and so inexperienced when it comes to love and lust and romance.
But then I meet my English Literature professor.
He’s brooding, enigmatic, charming, and deeply, deeply clever.
Professor Spencer Penmayne.
He hails from a famous billionaire family, but no one knows a single thing about him.
His past is a complete secret.
One thing’s for sure, though - every girl on campus worships him.
Every girl wants to be with the intense, handsome teacher with the deep baritone voice and the overwhelming intellect.
He could have any woman he wants in this town. He shouldn’t even know I exist.
But, for reasons I can’t figure out, he is pursuing me...

The Criminal's Custody.jpg
Crystal River Billionaire Brothers II

The second instalment.

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