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The Criminal's Custody.jpg

To repay her father’s debts, she must sign herself over to the gangster she hates.

Just a few weeks ago, I found out the worst news in the world...
My dad owes money to one of the most infamous gangsters on the East Coast.
Damon Penmayne.
The billionaire mafia boss with a cold heart and a fearsome, terrible reputation.
Sure, he is probably the most perfect-looking man I have ever seen in my life, but I hate his guts with a passion.
He wants his money, but we can’t pay him back.
So he offers me an impossible deal.
To be his mistress for three whole months.
It’s a pact with the devil himself, but it’s the only hope I have left to save my dad.
Will I succumb to his domination?

My cold heart stops the moment I lay my eyes on Ava Matson.
The beautiful blonde college student with the mixed-color eyes.
She’s beyond gorgeous, but she has a nasty bite to her.
Especially with me – her sworn enemy.
But I want her with every fiber of my being.
And I know how to get her.
I’m presenting her a deal she simply can’t refuse.
Something that will pay back her father’s debt, and make sure I’m banished from her life forever.
She knows she has no other choice – she must be mine if she wants to settle the score.

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