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She’s my best friend’s sister.
And he told me to never lay my hands on her.
He made me pinky promise.
And I never did.

But now she’s all grown up.
Beautiful. Radiant.
The girl of my dreams. The girl I’ve always loved.

Can I really keep that childhood promise?
The two kids with cities for names.
We were always meant to be together.

We grew up together.
And then - after one tumultuous night - we parted ways.
For years.

But now my brother is getting married, and I have to see Rome Price again.
He’s the Best Man, and I’m the Maid of Honor.
And we have to work together to make this the most special of occasions.

He’s so alluring.
But he’s got a playboy reputation and a promise to my brother to keep.
He can’t touch me.
But I can’t take my eyes off him.



"Fantastic story!

Characters that will steal your heart.

A storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat and glued to your kindle!

For me it was a love- hate deal as the characters face their demons.

You will feel their emotions and struggles.

A definite must read."




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"This was such a sweet short romance.

I read it in 3 hours.

I stayed up until 5:30 am reading this book.

Yup, I got zero sleep because I was supposed to get up at that time.

It was totally worth it though.

I enjoyed this book so much. I've been going through some reader's block and this was one of the books that I could have read fully."




Star 5.jpg
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