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Eight years ago, he cheated on her and disappeared. Now the billionaire’s back in town.
Back in her life as her new boss at school.

And he gets to decide if she keeps her job.

An intense, sizzling standalone romance set in a sleepy beach town in Australia.

Eight years ago, Skipper Deep broke my heart, and it hasn’t mended since.
tried to move past him. I’ve become a teacher at our old high school,
and I can’t wait to delve into my great literary love - Romeo and Juliet - in class.

I avoid men altogether. Not for me. Not after what happened with Skipper Deep.

Finally, I feel like I’ve got my little life all worked out.
But it all falls apart when the gorgeous Skipper comes strutting back into my life like he hasn’t left.
Waltzing in after all these years like nothing happened eight years ago.

Like he didn’t destroy my heart and left it in tatters by the door.

And now he’s in charge of my job.
He gets to decide if I get fired.
The last thing I need is this gorgeous billionaire from my past to come crashing back in.
But he does.

And this time he wants me. And my job is on the chopping block.

The last thing I want is to see him after class.
He thinks I’m a naughty girl that’s his for the taking.
I’m gonna teach him a lesson or two.


"The Teacher is just like the school year.

The uncertainty of starting a new year (or in this case a new book) is both exciting and nerve-wracking.

The slowly heating love story is like winter heading to summer break, you think it's never going to happen but then you find herself sweating in the heat.

The characters are likable and relatable, like friends who come and go while on summer holiday.

There aren't many surprises, but it's a fast, easy read, poolside with a glass of wine.

But unlike the bittersweet end of summer, this Teacher ends with a happily ever after."




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"I absolutely LOVE the links to the Surfer & the pace of the book is beautiful with heart wrenching moments. My heart absolutely shattered for Sandy but yet she pulled her big girl pants up and KICKS ASS as a teacher, friend, sister & women!

When heart break is all you've known it rips you up inside and DAMN we as a reader we feel every emotion Sandy goes through!

Skipper is a complete cocky alpha who reels you in with his HOTNESS and cheekiness.
Now that ending has actually completed me and brought me to tears.

This was a beautifully breathtaking journey with all the feels!"




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The Chef Cover.jpg
An Enemies to Lovers Romance

The poor struggling waitress and the billionaire restaurant owner.
And they hate each other.

But they have to work together.

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