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The Aussie billionaire playboy surfer and the geeky American girl from Queens.
Forced to live together.

What could go wrong?

What would you do if you were forced to live with your best friend’s hunky surfer brother?
Yeah, sure, he’s a playboy with an arrogant attitude,
but he’s also gobsmacking gorgeous, crazily charismatic, and the town’s most eligible bachelor…

An intense, sizzling standalone romance set in a sleepy beach town in Australia.

All I want to do is to study and become a nurse.
Get a good job - be able to support my Mom. Let her retire early.
But there’s one teeny-tiny problem.

No money.

So, when my best friend slash pen pal in Australia offers me a job
opportunity taking care of her injured brother for six months, I’m all
I’ve just got to live with him, that’s all.
But, hey, it’s a paid vacation to Down Under - sounds like paradise, right?
Well, that’s what I thought before I met him.
Her lazy billionaire playboy brother.

The surfer.

He doesn’t want to be helped, especially not by some geeky American girl.
And I don’t really want to nurse his arrogant face either.
Except that the money for university is on the line.
So... I have to deal with this hunk.
I gotta make this work.

And - most of all - not fall for his charms…


"This book is such a feel good story with some amazingly steamy scenes.

Rebecca wrote a wonderful, emotionally charged love story about overcoming your past, remembering your worth, & allowing yourself to love and be loved.

Plus, Cove is a totally swoonworthy Australian surfer boy."




"I absolutely loved this book from the first page to the last!
The steamy parts were terrific and the characters had great chemistry and lots of depth to them.

The writing is impeccable and truly amazing as this is Rebecca's debut book!

I can't wait for the next book in this series and every other book Rebecca writes.

New fan for life! You will not regret taking a chance on this read."

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Star 5.jpg
The Teacher Cover.jpg
A Second Chance Romance

Eight years ago, he cheated on her and disappeared. Now the billionaire’s back in town.
Back in her life as her new boss at school.
And he gets to decide if she keeps her job.

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