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There she is. The girl I love to hate.

Nicholas Carter and I are workplace enemies.
Like, full-on warring always-at-each-other’s-throats once-in-a-lifetime kind of arch rivals.
I hate that man with a passion. His perfect hair. His fake-ass charming smile. His chiseled body.
But the thing I hate most is that, last Christmas, we slept together.
And, despite my deepest objections, I can’t get that hot-as-hell night outta my head…

Chastity Wilde and I made a pinky promise never to talk about last Christmas, or the steamy flames we ignited that night.
Fine by me. She’s the most annoying girl in the office.
No, scrap that. Most annoying girl in the world.
I’ll happily forget about last year’s drunken holiday shenanigans.
I’ll happily never see Chastity’s face ever again.
But then, this Christmas, our boss has a very unusual assignment for the both of us.
I have to dress up as a shopping mall Santa.
And as for Chastity?
She has to be my elf assistant.
How the hell am I gonna survive this festive season?


"Loved it!!! Love Nicholas and Chastity... this is their story.. a fast paced short story... last year they hooked up... they promised not to talk about it... this year they have to play Santa and his Elf... for work!!! OMG!!!"




"This is a cute little book... it has some really great characters and a great story. You won't be disappointed."




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