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The poor struggling waitress and the billionaire restaurant owner.
And they hate each other.

But they have to work together.

They need to keep the restaurant afloat despite hating each other’s guts.
But what happens when feelings get in the way?
What happens if they fall in love?

An intense, sizzling standalone romance set in a sleepy beach town in Australia.

It was supposed to be an easy job.
Move to a small town.
Look after my bereaved family.
Be a waitress at the town’s failing restaurant.

Yeah. Easy.

Shame about the restaurant owner, though.
He may be incredibly gorgeous and extremely rich, but he’s also a total jerk.

And he’s also my boss.

And he’s also the guy I publicly humiliated before he was forced to hire me.
He doesn’t want me working here, and I don’t want to see his annoying face every day.
But I need this job.
I’m new in town and completely unemployable.

I need the money.

And despite what he may say, he needs me too.
I’m a good cook.
No one else wants to work here.

So, we’re just gonna have to get along.
And definitely, 100%, totally-not fall in love.
Not with his stupid beautiful face.

No. Way.


"I loved this book.

Started reading it today and couldn’t stop.

It has a great love story, full of real feelings
All the things that we ask ourselves when we start a relationship and start falling in love are well pictured in there."




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"I enjoyed reading this story and once again enjoyed seeing the characters from the previous two books appear.

It was such a fun read and a nice finale to this wonderful series.

I gave this book a solid 5 out of 5 stars and would recommend reading this book and the series in general on a summer's day."




Star 5.jpg
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