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The rich girl taking dance lessons from a male stripper, and there’s only one rule.
No funny business.
How long can they last?

It was something I thought I would never ever do.
A one-night stand.
With a male stripper, of all people.
A real Magic Mike wannabe.
He was the complete package. The hot body. The killer dance moves. The charming smile.
How could I resist?

But I’m the prim and proper daughter of a billionaire businessman.
I’m meant to marry some rich corporate man.
Not have a casual fling with a male dancer.

I’m just going to forget about it.
There’s no chance I’ll bump into him again.

Six months on from that random one-night stand and I need money.
Stripping isn’t earning enough for me.
Luckily, some chick’s approached me, asking me to privately teach her friend to dance.
To strip.
To make her feel good in the bedroom again.
And she’s offering a lot of dough.

Great. I’ll do it.
Sounds like a good deal, yeah?

Well, that’s until she walks in.
The girl from the wild night six months ago.
She’s my student?
And she doesn’t look happy to see me…


"Chase & Anna's story is hot.

This book was both amazing and hot.

Chase and Anna meet at a bachelorette party. When things gets nice and hot for only one night.

6 months later Chase is trying to earn more money and is giving dance lessons to non other then Anna.

Things start happening and feelings grow.

If you love Magic Mike you will love this book."




Star 5.jpg

"Hot damn it...

Stripped Bare is one hell of a read. Magic mike vibes meets girl whose lost in her world.

Instantly you're thrown into their world & *jawdrops* Chase is every inch a passionate stripper with a heart of gold.

Yes please excuse me whilst i go and swoon.

My head and heart was aching for Chase & Anna's connection... the lust, the drama, the sexiness is everything which made it raw & real.
That ending has left my heart whole & complete & i am eeek smiling my head off at that ending. Eeek Rebecca Castle smashes it out the park for another awesome romantic read."




Star 5.jpg
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