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Two sassy girls. Two billionaire British brothers. One beautiful city of culture, history.

And love.



Tall, handsome, rich, and British.

I thought I had it all as the bachelor son of one of England’s ancient aristocratic families. The girls. The parties. The money. The power.

But that was until I spent a semester at an American high school.

That was until I met her.



That bad boy Brit, Kingsley Heath-Harding, broke my heart, but that was a long time ago in high school.

He fled back to the UK, and I thought I would never see him again.

As if I would ever let myself be vulnerable like that again, right? Especially with a man. Heaven forbid.

Nope. No way. King was outta my life for good when he ran away back home.

I was just a girl when I got my heart torn up, but now - four years on - I’m an independent young woman embarking on a big adventure moving to the city of my dreams.


I want to experience it all. The theatre. The culture. The history.

But then he reappears. That ghost from the past. Ready to break my heart again.

My very own British billionaire bad boy turning back up with all that smooth charm and killer accent.

But will I let him have me? Does he deserve a second chance?

Is it too late to love again?

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A Billionaire Romance

The second and final instalment in the London Boys series.

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