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The uptight city girl and the small town surfer boy.
One recovering from a divorce, the other nursing a grief-stricken heart.
And one crumbling beach house to fix up.
It’s a project that brings them together.
They’re complete opposites, but what happens when they start to fall for each other?

It all started with four words.
I want a divorce.

I’m an organized girl. Everything in my life is structured down to the most minute detail, including my calories.
But when my husband asks me for a divorce on our anniversary, my whole life falls apart.

In my devastation, I retreat into bed, eating tubs of ice-cream and watching sappy British rom-coms. Pretty pathetic, I know.
That was until I inherit a ramshackle beach house in some small coastal town completely out of the blue.
Usually, I would never give the place a second thought, but maybe renovating this house on the other side of the country might be the escape I need.
Time spent on my own.
On a beach.
Not a man in sight.

Well, I say no man.
But that was until I met my neighbor.
Declan “Dec” Page.
A loner with a cute dog and a tragic past.
Oh, and he can surf.
And he never wears a shirt.

And he’s the only one in this small town that can help me restore this beach house.

He’s the complete opposite of me in every way.
He isn’t after money or the hustle life.
He just lives carefree. Going with the flow and all that.
Under any normal circumstances we would never meet, let alone have the hots for each other.

But these aren’t normal circumstances.


"This is one beautiful and heart wrenching story. Rebecca has a way of reeling us in building the happy bubble and it bursts it before completing your heart.
HOLYMOLY,  Ellie and Dec's relationship, spark and connection will leave you lusting and in swoonworthy territory. Dec and Ellie are instantly drawn together and sparks friggin fly!
The emotional pull that laces these pages are breathtaking and will bring a tear to your. Without a shadow of a doubt this book will connect with you and leave you believing in love at first sight!"

"I really enjoyed this book!

The storyline was well developed, the characters were complex and well developed and the story world was detailed.

The writing drew me in, and I felt immersed in the story!

I always look forward to more books by this author and would recommend this book!"




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