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Duke Cover.jpg

Two sassy girls. Two billionaire British brothers. One beautiful city of culture, history.

And love.



She’s the girl who got away. The one I’ve lusted for ever since she left me the morning after the most amazing night together. The girl who’s ruined the last four years for me.

I’m a rich playboy, but I can’t get her out of my head.

And now that she’s returned into my life, I’m going to use everything in my power to get Grace Madden back.

I’m going to pursue her like an uncaged animal.

And she’s my prey.



I thought I was over Duke Heath-Harding a long time ago. That perfect night we spent in each other’s arms has faded long into my past. I’m a different woman now.

Yeah, I’ve moved past him. For sure.

But then my best friend’s fallen hard for his brother, and now I have no choice but to see the gorgeous hunk I’ve left behind all those years ago.

He wants to chase me? Fine.

Duke can do whatever he wants to woo me back, but I’m not going to fold into his demands. No matter how handsome or dominating the man is. No matter if his beauty still does terrible things to me.

I’m not going to fall for Duke’s charms. Never ever.


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