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Dear Neighbor Cover.jpg

He was the new bad boy next door.
And the bane of my existence.
The boy with the scar on his lip. The loner who did what he wanted, when he wanted.
The beautiful boy who drunkenly kissed me one night outside my bedroom window.

I hated Miles Hunter until we started swapping letters.

He showed me his true side.
He protected me when I needed him most.
And I thought he loved me.

But then he left. Like a ghost.
Without a word.
Without a letter.
Like he never existed.

And now, four years later, he’s reappeared…


"This is the first time reading Rebecca Castle and I'm hooked.

Abby and Miles story is so good I had a hard time putting it down.

I love how Miles started writing Abby letters.

If you love second chances this book is for you."




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"The word that comes to mind after reading this book is BEAUTIFUL.

An absolute amazing love story between two lost souls that are drawn to each other.

Separated for a while but they find their way back. Loved it."




Star 5.jpg
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